January 2016

Elizabeth Bales Frank is a novelist, essayist, and longtime Astoria resident. Her work has appeared in The Sun, Post Road, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Under the Gum Tree, and other literary publications. Last year, she read her essay “Piano Piece” at Boundless Tales, and it was later published by Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood. She will read tonight from her personal essay, “The Calls Are Coming from Inside the House.”

Anna Kowalczuk is a New York based writer, improviser and screenplay editor. Anna has been a contributing writer to Image Curve, an online literary magazine and currently works as script reader and contest judge for The Writer’s Store, Bluecat Screenplay Competition and The Tracking Board. When not writing, Anna can be found running the trails at Prospect Park.

Mary Lannon has work published at The Irish Echo, at Story and forthcoming at literarymothers.tumblr.com. She lives in Kew Gardens and is looking for a publishing home for her first novel: An Explanation of the Fundamentals of the Derivation of Dilapidated Brown Station Wagon Theory aka How I Became A Scientist and Discovered the Truth About Getting Stuck in the Wrong Universe by Miranda J. McCleod.

Alicen Grey¬†is an award-winning writer and author of Wolves and Other Nightmares, a poetry collection about living in the aftermath of psychological abuse. She is currently seeking a publisher for “Ashes, Ashes,” her in-progress memoir about enduring and surviving a one-on-one cult at age 17. When she’s not writing, Alicen likes to sing, act, paint her face, and stare at the moon for unreasonable lengths of time.