February 2016

Lisa Badner
Lisa Badner’s poems have appeared in magazines including Mudlark,
TriQuarterly, Fourteen Hills, Ping Pong, Poetica, New World Writing,
PANK, Vine Leaves Literary Journal and forthcoming in the Mom Egg
Review. Lisa lives in Brooklyn and can usually be found riding a

Richard Fein
The poets that have influenced Richard Fein the most are those of the New York and deep images school. Whatever they do, he does the opposite. Also, those poets recommended by the living white male, general know‑it‑all literary scholars he doesn’t read. This leaves him with little to read and few to emulate. Basically he gazes into a mirror and copies down his rantings and ravings. He has been published in many of the finest literary journals, such as: The Southern Review, The Northville Review, Gulf Stream Magazine, 96inc, Mississippi Review, ELF: Eclectic Literary Forum Touchstone, Windsor Review, Maverick, Sonoma Mandala Literary Review , Ellipsis, Roanoke Review, El Dorado Poetry, and many others. The University of Wisconsin’s Parallel Press, demonstrated its extraordinary good taste by publishing his chapbook “The Required Accompanying Cover Letter” And let’s not forget all those editors who have the perspicacity to recognize that despite the fact that many consider him to be a half wit, that half is one mother of a moiety.
Obviously this magnificent verse monger is not one to engage in floccinaucinihilipilification. This poet of the Western World (except New Jersey) requests that all hate mail, communiqués of derision, marriage proposals and meretricious solicitations of his person not be sent since he’s already backlogged with hate mail and parcel post packages that have strange ticking sounds. He’s also interested in photography and has a photography page: http://www.pbase.com/bardofbyte But if you insist on contacting him (God only knows why) try bardofbyte@aol.com.

Sydney Hartlove
Sydney Hartlove is an actress, poet, wild mystic, seeker, and cosmic child. She flew from her hometown nest of Baltimore, Maryland five years ago to search for magic high and low. Sydney is guided by her wolf pack and is infinitely grateful for all of the divine synchronicity that leads the way.

Vaughn Watson
Vaughn M. Watson is a Queens-born, Queens-based writer. His work is concerned with culture, relationships, and ritual. Previously unpublished, he is currently pretending to work on his first collection.