December 2016

Mickey Z.
Born and raised in Astoria, Mickey Z. is the only person to appear in a political book with Howard Zinn and a karate flick with Billy “Tae Bo” Blanks.
Armed with a high school diploma, he’s spoken and lectured nationwide—in venues ranging from MIT and Yale to the Bowery Poetry Club and Occupy Free University. Mickey Z. has published 13 books and his work has appeared in many more anthologies. He’s optioned screenplays, won grants, awards, and fellowships, and written for countless publications and websites.
In the early 90s, Mickey was known as the “Underground Poet” for hanging his prose in the Big Apple’s subterranean tunnels of transportation and, years later, his photography and paintings appeared in NYC shows and galleries.
Howard Zinn called him “provocative and bold,” New York Newsday says he is a “professional iconoclast,” and novelist Ned Vizzini wrote: “It’s easy to talk about punk rock writing, but Mickey Z. really does write as if he doesn’t give a fuck but knows what must be said.”

Olena Marukhnyak
A Ukrainian immigrant thrown into the heart of Brooklyn. Born and raised in Third World projects, the art of surviving she mastered as a child. After moving to America for better education, it has been her second priority after assimilation – a process she’s not sure she will ever complete. Breaking out from an extremely conservative culture as a gay (or something like that) woman, she is still navigating the fine lines of culture and self-acceptance. An avid wine drinker and a lover of all things Harry Potter.

George Kovalenko
George Kovalenko is an MFA candidate in Poetry and instructor at New York University. His poems have appeared in At Length. He is a co-founder of Brooklyn’s Poet’s Country Club reading series.

Marianna Nash
Marianna Nash is a writer from Queens. Her work has appeared in Bridge Eight Literary Magazine, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Reductress, and other outlets in print and online. She blogs a little too earnestly at