September 2014

Ryan Buynak is your anti-poetic friend who gets his selfishness from his mother. Simply, he is an American, a New Yorker, a father, a husband, a life-long asshole. He has published three books which sit undoubtedly unread on coffee tables and bookshelves around the wide world. He probably likes you, but doesn’t care about the color yellow. His heart is like a crocodile. He remembers and forgets everything. Snap!

Ruth Danon lives, writes, and teaches in NYC where she directs creative writing for the McGhee Division of NYU. She is the author of Triangulation from A Known Point, and two chapbooks, Living Witt he Fireman, and one forthcoming, called The Echoes. She has published widely in the US and abroad. Publications in Fence, Barrow Street, The Paris Review, and others. Her work appeared in Best American Poetry 2002, edited by Robert Creeley.

Crystal Rivera studied Creative Writing at Hunter College, where she was poetry editor and contributor of The Olivetree Review. She believes in the art of collaboration, conversation, and Frank O’Hara, who wrote in his manifesto: “You just go on your nerve”—and so this is how she writes. Her muses are rooted in city tongues, brazenhead books, Queens, and the heads of every tree.

Marybeth Zeman, a teacher for 30 years, became the transitional counselor in the school program for incarcerated youth at the Nassau County Jail in 2010. She took an unusued Masters degree in Library Science, a love of reading and a ragtag collection of donated DC Comics from a friend and started a library. She became what Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times described as “the “book-lady” who brought books to a juvenile detention center and used them to try to build kids up again.”
She’s been pushing a cart around the jail ever since and she’s been peddling a message on the outside that’s loud and clear:literacy programs can help kids stay out of jail.

Micah Zevin is a librarian in the Queens Library system. He has most recently published poems at The Runaway Parade, Killing the Angel and Keep This Bag Away From Children. He was recently a featured reader at the Cornelia Street Café MFA Graduate Reading Series. He just graduated this past May 2014 with his MFA in poetry from The New School.

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