May 2014

Brett Baron-Marianetti
Brett Baron-Marianetti has been a mother of two wonderful boys for over 18 years, a wife of a delightfully amusing artist/director for over 23, a teacher for over 26, a writer for over 40 and a singer for over 47. Of these, there’s not one she would be willing or able to live without. Home has been Brooklyn, the Midwest, Allentown, the Midwest again, Texas and Brooklyn again where a cat and two classroom hamsters make their homes with her in Greenpoint, sharing space with a lot of family artwork, instruments, and too many books and records. Her non-fiction work has been published in Loisaida Magazine and The Humanist Newspaper.

Carrie Johnson

Catherine Kapphahn
Since Catherine Kapphahn was young, she has been drawn to understanding those who must navigate the legacy of illness and loss, perhaps because of her own family’s history. This has propelled her creative life. Her writing has appeared in Astoria Magazine, the Feminist Press Anthology This is the Way We Say Goodbye, Wanderlust Review, Ars Medica: a Journal of Medicine, the Arts and Humanity, CURE Magazine and Sunday Salon. She is the 2011 Individual Artist Grant recipient from the Queens Council on the Arts. She teaches at Lehman College in the Bronx, where she developed a dynamic course called Writing the Mind and Body: Translating the Physical Experience, which looks deeply at the language of movement and sensation, curiosity and wonder, pain and resilience. As a yoga teacher, she enjoys creating a space for adults and children to experience movement and lift the spirit. She lives in Astoria, Queens with her husband and two young sons.

Valerie Keane
Valerie G. Keane is very honored to be part of the current Queens literary scene, regardless of how late to the party she actually was. She has studied with Dick Allen and Ammiel Alcalay and two of her poems will be published in the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of the Newtown Literary Journal. She curates a Poetry & Coffee discussion group for writers and readers that meets bi-monthly in Queens to read great poems and speak wildly and passionately about why they contain all the secrets to life. Valerie is very excited that it is the only literary group in Queens where you cannot read your own work. When asked if she is a poet, Valerie says, “I still don’t know how you qualify as one.” She is, however, currently unemployed which probably means she is on her way to legitimacy.

Molly Seremet
Molly Beth Seremet is a writer, theather maker, and burlesque performer currently based in Queens, NYC. She earned her M.Res with Distinction in Performance and Creative Research from Roehampton University in London in 2011, and has performed through the UK, Europe, and the US. She is obsessed with performative writing, and is fascinated by explorations of the visceral and theatrical qualities of textual work. Her work is seated in explorations of body and identity, and oscillates around questions of autobiography, memory, and sexuality. She is the founder of Morse Code Theatre Company, and is currently creating a performance piece focused on Evelyn McHale, ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Suicide.’ Molly blogs at, and is all atwitter @moxymolly.

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