December 2014

Michael Alpiner
Michael Alpiner is a teacher and poet living in Richmond Hill, New York. His work has appeared in Jewish Currents, Soul Fountain, Mobius Magazine, Light, Mouse Tale Press, and New Works Review. His work was included in Blood to Remember, an anthology of Holocaust-related poetry. He earned a fellowship to attend the Vermont Studio Center in 2004. Michael has been featured at the Bowery Poetry Club, The Queens Central Library and Molloy College. For five years, he ran a poetry workshop and open mic event at Barnes and Noble. In 2010, he earned his MFA in Creative Writing at Queens College, where he also taught creative writing, served as Writer-in-Residence at the Louis Armstrong Museum/Archives, and helped arrange events for the Jackson Heights Poetry Festival.

Richard Fein
The poets that have influenced Richard Fein the most are those of the New York and deep images school. Whatever they do, he does the opposite. Also, those poets recommended by the living white male, general know‑it‑all literary scholars he doesn’t read. This leaves him with little to read and few to emulate. Basically he gazes into a mirror and copies down his rantings and ravings. He has been published in many of the finest literary journals, such as: The Southern Review, The Northville Review, Gulf Stream Magazine, 96inc, Mississippi Review, ELF: Eclectic Literary Forum Touchstone, Windsor Review, Maverick, Sonoma Mandala Literary Review , Ellipsis, Roanoke Review, El Dorado Poetry, and many others. The University of Wisconsin’s Parallel Press, demonstrated its extraordinary good taste by publishing his chapbook “The Required Accompanying Cover Letter” And let’s not forget all those editors who have the perspicacity to recognize that despite the fact that many consider him to be a half wit, that half is one mother of a moiety. Obviously this magnificent verse monger is not one to engage in floccinaucinihilipilification. This poet of the Western World (except New Jersey) requests that all hate mail, communiqués of derision, marriage proposals and meretricious solicitations of his person not be sent since he’s already backlogged with hate mail and parcel post packages that have strange ticking sounds. He’s also interested in photography and has a photography page: But if you insist on contacting him (God only knows why) try

Enrique Floris-Galbis
Artist, novelist, and teacher, Enrique studied Art History at New York University Graduate School, painting at The Art Students League, and The New York Academy of Art. He earned his MA. /Fine Art from Parsons School of Design. Enrique taught at Parsons for fifteen years, and the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey for twenty-eight. He is a frequent lecturer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Frick Collection, and The Museum of Modern Art. He also teaches yearly Art History and Landscape Painting workshops in Cuba, Provence, Tuscany, and Vermont. Some of the awards he has received: the New York City Hispanic Arts Achievement Award, the Distinguished Educator Award from Parsons School of Design, and the Cintas Fellowship for Painting (two time recipient.)
Enrique’s first novel, “Raining Sardines,” March 2007, won the Americas Award Honors for Latin American YA Literature from CLASP, the Consortium of Latin American Studies. His second novel “Ninety Miles to Havana,” August 2010, received the Pura Belpre’ Author Honors Award, from ALA, the American Library Association. Both novels are published by Roaring Brook Press.

Jared Harel
Jared Harel is the author of ‘The Body Double’, a narrative long poem published by Brooklyn Arts Press. His poems have recently appeared in such journals as Tin House, American Poetry Review, The Southern Review and Newtown Literary. He teaches writing at Nassau Community College, plays drums for the rock band, The Dust Engineers, and lives in Astoria, NY with his wife and two-year old daughter.

Chandra Steele
Whatever else she’s doing, Chandra Steele should be writing rigtht now because she has a novel to finish. But she’s probably on Twitter instead (@ChanSteele). Chandra’s excuse is that she’s senior features writer at She was a semi-finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Award and won the MTV Write Stuff competition. She’s drunk kvass and eaten Jesus Harvest Seeds and lived to tell people about it on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. In sum, Chandra is the only person who has managed to procrastinate at writing by writing.

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