November 2012

Brett Baron-Marianetti
Brett Baron-Marianetti has spent nearly a half century in five states and nine cities meeting interesting people and collecting ideas for stories. She has written poetry, a screenplay, a children’s book, songs, short stories, a memoir and two mini-novellas about women who find their own strength. She now lives in Brooklyn, where she began her life as a 1965 blackout baby. Brett, a high school history teacher, shares her life with husband Robert, an animator. Their children Zach and Max, ages 16 and 12, wish to become a history teacher and a stop-motion animator, respectively, prompting Robert and Brett to wonder where they went wrong. Didn’t they complain about work enough? Why not an engineer or an MBA?

Robyn Burland
Robyn Burland is a playwright. Her plays include: Postpartum (New Georges Performathon, Women’s Project, Newman Theatre), A Savior Needs a Nice Smile (Expanded Arts, Women’s Project) After Loyal (Moving Arts-L.A., New Georges), Walkmania (New Georges), Obit, Love Amy, and The Book of Jay (AndHow! Theater Co.), On the Rocks (BlondeBrunetteRedhead Productions), Piecework (Theater for the New City), and Greater Buffalo (Theater for the New City). She is also the author of the trilogy of plays, Marriage Special, which have received readings at many theatres. Robyn is in charge of the drama program at Bronx Performance Conservatory High School, and artistic director of the teen theatre group, Skipping Stones Stage Company, where she creates and stages original plays. She is a member of the Circle Rep East, the Dramatists Guild, and the New York State Theatre Education Association.

Richard Fein
The poets that have influenced RICHARD FEIN the most are those of the New York and deep images school. Whatever they do, he does the opposite. Also, those poets recommended by the living white male, general know‑it‑all literary scholars he doesn’t read. This leaves him with little to read and few to emulate. Basically he gazes into a mirror and copies down his rantings and ravings. He has been published in many of the finest literary journals, such as: The Northville Review, Gulf Stream Magazine, 96inc Mississippi Review, ELF: Eclectic Literary Forum Touchstone, Windsor Review, Maverick, Sonoma Mandala Literary Review , Ellipsis, Roanoke Review, El Dorado Poetry, and many others. The University of Wisconsin’s Parallel Press, demonstrated its extraordinary good taste by publishing his chapbook “The Required Accompanying Cover Letter”. This poet of the Western World (except New Jersey) requests that all hate mail, communiques of derision, marriage proposals and meretricious solicitations of his person not be sent since he’s already backlogged with hate mail and parcel post packages that have strange ticking sounds.

Richard Jeffrey Newman
When Richard Jeffrey Newman was three years old, the man who owned the Lee’s clothing store around the corner, a close friend of Richard’s grandparents, suggested that the young boy would be a good model for Lee’s new line of children’s jeans. Everyone agreed. So a photographer was hired; the shoot was scheduled; and people gathered to watch the launching of Richard’s modeling career. No matter how hard they tried, however, they could not get him to stand still long enough for the Lee’s label on his young butt to be clearly visible in the center of the pictures the photographer was taking. They were unusable. Richard’s modeling career was over before it started. Who knows what stardom he would have found if he hadn’t been so fidgety? More certainly he would not be writing about the impact of feminism on his life as a man and of classical Persian poetry on our lives as Americans. His books include The Silence of Men, a volume of his own poetry, and The Teller of Tales: Stories from Ferdowsi’s Shahameh. He curates the First Tuesdays reading series at Terraza Cafe in Jackson Heights, NY and is on the Board of Directors of Newtown Literary Alliance, a new literary non-profit in Queens. He is professor of English at Nassau Community College in Garden City, NY. His website is