July 2012

Lisa Badner
Lisa Badner’s poems have appeared in TriQuarterly, Mudlark, Fourteen Hills, Blip and The Cape Rock. Lisa has a day job as an Administrative Law Judge and lives in Brooklyn.

Devin Doyle
Devin Doyle is an actor and writer from Long Island. His one-act play “Two Angels Share A Halo” has appeared in the Strawberry One-Act Festival. He has acted in various short films and off-off Broadway shows. www.devindoyleonline.com

Carrie Noël
Carrie Noël is a teacher by day and an artist by night. Though she has entertained the idea of being a writer for a number of years, she has only recently begun putting the necessary structures in place to make her dream a reality. Thanks to a last minute dare by one of her best friends at a Wednesday open mic at the Waltz back in January, Carrie has begun releasing her writing from the place where she insisted on always keeping it tucked so close. Since then, Carrie has made it her personal goal to write more poetry and fewer excuses. She has been a featured writer on DreamWriteNow.com, and she is currently working very closely with the owner of DWN to publish her first book. In the meantime, you can follow her most recent writings through Tumblr, “Beauty in Flight” (http://beautyinflight.tumblr.com/) and her blog, “Lessons in Flexibility” (http://lessonsinflexibility.blogspot.com/).

Patrick Noyes
Patrick Noyes, a native of Southern California, moved to Astoria one year ago along with thirteen other artists from the Ophelia Theatre Group in hopes of writing, producing and performing new and original works. He has completed numerous short stories and is currently in the final stages of completing a full-length adventure novel.