Happy 2016!

Queens’ longest running reading series is back for 2016!

Here’s our reading schedule thus far for this year:
January 14th
February 11th
March 10th
April 14th
May 12th
June 9th

Our first reading of 2016 is hosted by our founder Aida Zilelian on Thursday, January 11th from 7-8:30pm at the Astoria Bookshop, and featuring:

Elizabeth Bales Frank
Anna Kowalczuk
Mary Lannon
Alicen Grey

Find out more about them HERE.

We’d love to hear from new writers and also have some old favorites back ;) So submit your work! Let’s make this new year hilarious, eclectic, poignant, strange, daring.. All the things YOU make Boundless Tales with your words and work.

Can’t wait to see where 2016 takes us.. Thanks always for the support!

-The Boundless Tales Entourage

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