Thanks to our writers and everyone who attended our last reading. We’ll be on hiatus for July and August and back for the new season in September!

Our next reading will take place on Thursday, September 11th at the Astoria Bookshop – our official new location, which we are very excited about. Readings will now run the second Thursday of every month from 7-8:30pm.

We are currently accepting submissions for the fall and winter. There are no themed months for the upcoming season – just send us your best work! Read more about submissions here.

REMINDER: Boundless Tales is proud to feature three talented poets at the NYC Poetry Festival on Saturday, July 26th at 11:10am on the White Horse Stage. Co-host of Boundless Tales, Devin Doyle will be representing our series this year and introducing writers Sarah Bonifacio, M. Leona Godin and Joe Yoga to the stage.

Lastly, Newtown Literary Journal is reading submissions for their next issue, which has a special theme of “Speculative Poetry and Prose,” and is being guest edited by Katey Garrigan, their production editor.

We hope to hear from you soon!

– Aida Zilelian, Curator & the Boundless Tales Entourage

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