Roulette was created in the seventeenth century and gained fame in the Monte Carlo casinos in the nineteenth century. But the turning point for the development of the game happened in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It was then that the game crossed the Atlantic Ocean and arrived in America.

It didn’t take long for American casinos and gambling establishments to make the changes that made the game much more profitable for the home. This involved changing not only the rules, but the wheel itself.

Today we are going to break the American roulette and European roulette, compare them and see which version is best for the casino, and which – for the players.


The most significant difference between the two is the wheel design. European roulette contains numbers from 0 to 36, which means 37 cells. On the other hand, the American version has an extra slot. This is a double zero that has a huge impact on the odds of the game.

All European roulette bets (except for the En Prison rule) give the casino a 2.7% edge. In American Roulette, the house edge is 5.27%. This is almost double that of the European version.

Play online roulette – rules

As we mentioned, more things separate the two versions and affect the odds even more.
Take some rules for example. The En Prison rule in European roulette affects the house edge. In practice, this means that the losses that you make on bets of equal money are not immediately lost. They will remain on the board (in jail, hence the name) for the next spin. You can get your original bet back, although there is no way to get paid for your winnings. If you get zero, your bet will remain in jail.

When the En Prison rule is in effect, the casino’s even-money betting advantage is reduced to 1.35%. This makes this bet one of the most attractive in European roulette.

American Roulette offers a similar rule. This rule is called the surrender rule and is commonly found in Atlantic City casinos. This applies to bets of equal money. The main difference is that Surrender only returns half of your bet if the ball is stopped at zero or double zero. This rule also affects the house edge in even money betting, dropping it to 2.63%.


Since roulette is a negative expectation game, there are no strategies for players to use. However, this does not mean that there is nothing they can do to improve their chances. American roulette is less profitable, it is probably best to avoid the American version of the popular game.
If you want to win more and lose less, stay away from American Roulette. Most casinos offer European roulette with and without the En Prison rule. Do your homework before playing. This can save you a lot of time in the future.

Remember that playing European roulette does not mean that you cannot lose, even if the En Prison rule is in effect. However, if you choose the European option, you are likely to lose much less. Even statistics show that you will lose four times as much money playing American roulette.

It is easy to see who will win the match between American and European roulette. The European variant simply offers players more, although the casino wins in both cases. European Roulette has higher odds and therefore the game is more popular among players in Europe. It is even more popular in American casinos where a single zero version is available.

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