Live dealer roulette fo free

Live roulette streams action from a brick-and-mortar roulette table straight to your mobile device or PC/Mac. You also get to see and interact with a real dealer while playing.

If you’ve already played regular online roulette, then you’ll notice that the live dealer version works the same. You still click to choose your bet(s) and bet size. But the big difference is that you get a better sense of the live casino atmosphere without having to leave the house.

Unlike with regular internet roulette, most casinos don’t let you play live dealer roulette for free. The reason why is because they must hire real dealers to work the tables – rather than having software do it – and they require salaries. So casinos can’t just let a bunch of people sit on the tables for free while they’re paying a dealer.

But there are some online casinos that’ll still let you play free live dealer roulette. And if you’re not allowed to do this, you can at least sit in on games to see if you like them before depositing.

Why Are Live Dealer Roulette Stakes Higher?

One big change that you may notice when moving from traditional online roulette to live dealer tables is that the stakes are higher. This goes back to what we discussed above, where casinos need to cover dealer salaries and other expenses from offering live dealer gaming.

Another thing to note here is that some tables won’t start until a certain number of players sit down. You may find this to be a nuisance when compared to traditional internet roulette.

Is Live Dealer Roulette Fixed?

No, live dealer casinos operate roulette games just like any other casino would. As opposed to traditional online roulette, live dealer roulette offers more assurance that games aren’t rigged because you can see the ball and wheel.

One more point is that live casino casinos are licensed establishments that stake their name and reputation on offering fair play.

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